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our vision (how we accomplish our mission)

A vision is a clear, challenging picture of the future of the ministry as we believe it can and must be.

A church where people share the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection with unchurched friends, many of whom will accept His free gift of salvation.

WORSHIP: A church that is committed to passionate and authentic worship.

GROWTH: A church where the message of the Bible changes lives, restores relationships, and strengthens faith.

PRAYER: A church driven by prayer and the power of God working in our lives.

COMMUNITY: A church where every person belongs, where small groups model biblical community, where the broken and needy find unconditional love.

MISSIONS: A church committed to an Acts 1:8 model of mission partnerships: Jerusalem (Greenville), Judea (South Carolina), Samaria (North America), Ends of
the earth (International). fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who transform the world."


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